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I Still Can’t Remember How to Write. But at Least I Have Pictures.

*If you don’t want to read this post in its entirety, which is completely understandable, you might at least want to skip to the end for an announcement.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have you ever had a weekend that’s so utterly fantastic that you just can’t stand for it to be over?  And the beauty is that it was so great, you didn’t even waste any time worrying about the fact that it would eventually end.  Every millisecond was spent in blissful enjoyment – in the here and now – and not an ounce was wasted on worry or dread over its impending end.

Now that it’s over and I’m coming down from the high, I feel less sad and more satiated.

Dare I say?


Did you know that it’s constant worry that does that to us?  Worrying about the future and longing for happy times of the past takes our lives away, bit by bit, making us forget to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I blame my recent lack of living in the present for the faint lines across my forehead and shadows beneath my eyes.

But the good news is that my eye crinkles can be blamed on laughter.

So I’m not a total loss.

And this weekend, I did enjoy the ride.  Thoroughly.  Friday was as relaxed as it gets, with nothing more than eating and dog-walking on the agenda:

Breakfast sausage casserole.  Recipe to come.

When it’s hot outside, we all could use a dip in the lake.

Saturday was Justin’s graduation day, and it was filled with wonderful friends and amazing food.

And wine.  Lots of wine:

I whisper-yelled, “Justin!” and they both turned around.  Guess which one’s mine?

Beautiful mother-to-be, Alaina.

My favorite would-be brother-in-law, Dirk.  And not just because he picked a great bottle of wine to go with lunch.

The Nice Guy, from Inside the Nice Guy doing his thang.

The Wine doing its thang.

The Street doing its thang.

Later that night, the steak also did its thang.  Mostly to my thighs.

(Dirk and Alaina bought a cow awhile back.  Then they brought like half of it – in the form of three 800 lb. steaks – to our house for dinner.)

Besides wrinkles from worry and crows’ feet from laughter, I’m sure I’ll have a few more lines to blame on my own stupidity for going to the beach and forgetting sunscreen the sun.  Due to a family emergency, Catherine wasn’t able to meet us at the lake yesterday.  We were bummed, but we reasoned that we are in a coastal state, and it’d be a shame for Matthew to make it this far without seeing the Atlantic Ocean.

So we grabbed a few necessities – towels, bathing suits, sunglasses, and of course cameras, completely neglecting the most obvious of beach-going accoutrements for pasty white Midwesterners, which is sunscreen.

(And kids, when it comes to sun safety, I don’t like to play.  No, I don’t find it amusing that I have a bow-shaped burn line on my back from the tie on my bathing suit top, nor do I find it amusing that I could die from melanoma. Fortunately, we all know I won’t have to worry about bow-shaped tan lines in Spain.  Only burned nipples.  Which might, admittedly, be worse.  So it’s safe to say I won’t be forgetting the sunscreen there.)

Aside from our lobster-like appearance, our impromptu trip to the coast inspired the elusive joy that travel-on-a-whim never fails to make me feel.  I was reminded that I don’t always need to fly far to experience a life less ordinary.

What is it about the beach, anyway?  I mean, it’s hot and dirty and I always end up with little sand mosaics embedded into my skin and we won’t even talk about the other pitfalls of sand ending up in places sand really shouldn’t be, but still we go and we complain about the crowds and we dig in the sand and we crisp in the sun just to experience that wash of awe when we realize we’ve gone as far as we can possibly go without a little help.

Or a yacht.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be on the other side of that water.

Crazy, huh?

Speaking of crazy, Domestiphobia reached a milestone recently.  A milestone I plan to celebrate later this afternoon.  So.  If you’ve made it this far in this post, you probably, definitely, for sure want to check back later today for something I’ve never done before.

I realize I started this post by telling you to live in the present and not worry about the future, but you should probably forget all that because this is something to get excited about.


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Jamie Boisvenue

I know how you feel and I am completely jealous. I’m convinced that I am currently beginning the start of a quarter-life crisis myself. Everyday I find myself wandering onto some skydiving website or some sort of all-inclusinve tour across god knows where. Buying crazy weird instruments for much more than they’re worth all in this pathetic attempt to save myself from the skip of the record player again and again. Excellent read, I’m glad that I have found a blogger to relieve my mind from the daily grind. I look forward to what is coming this afternoon!


Why, thank you! Hopefully the announcement wasn’t too much of a letdown. ;) Here’s the thing about the quarter life crisis: I say, embrace it. I figure it’s your soul’s way of fighting for a chance to do something special – to not be wasted in front of the television day after day, and to not get sucked into all the “shoulds” of this life. Yes, you should be financially responsible so you don’t starve to death on a street corner. But should you never blow money on a skydiving adventure or instrument that brings you joy to play? That’s not pathetic. That, my dear, is actually living. ;)


It was a great weekend. Congrats again Justin.


You are such a tease! I’m sure I will be checking regularly to find out what it is that you “have never done before”!

You are wrong about your forgetting how to write. You writings are alway lovely – you have a very nice way with words. Please don’t be so hard on yourself!


Thank you for that – and you’re right – I’m too hard on myself sometimes. :)

That said, hopefully future giveaways will be a little more exciting. ;)


Looks like a perfect weekend! Good friends, food, and wine + the beach – Perfect!


Couldn’t have asked for a better vacation to have after nearly 2 1/2 years. Plus, the hospitality was astounding (trying to fatten me up with the constant offering of food).

Looking forward to the day when I have a house and you two can be my house guests (and if travel ready…maybe bring the god dogs).


So glad you had a great weekend. I was so bummed to have to cancel, but it looks like you had a great job at the beach. Beautiful pictures! And seriously, we have to plan for you and Justin to come to the lake later this summer… the invitation is wide open! Just let me know when you have a free weekend and we can coordinate.


YES!! Most of our weekends are fairly wide open, but I should have a better idea for you after we get back from Spain. I hope your days are getting better, chica!


Haha, just reread my comment. “Looks like you had a great job at the beach”? I’m losing it. Obviously I meant time at the beach :).
Enjoy Spain and I can’t wait to hear all about it! Just send me a text sometime after that and we can coordinate a lake visit :)


I feel as if I’m going to feel sad and left-out. :(

Anyone want to come to Kansas? No? That’s okay, neither would I really for a vacation. :)

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