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Poppin’ the Giveaway Cherry


This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.  I used to select the comment number of the winner, and the winner is:

Rebecca! (Who likes a Pinot Noir.)

Thanks to those who participated — I wish I could send plant nannies to all of you!

This morning I promised a surprise, so here goes.

Today, I was shocked – shocked – when I went to the Domestiphobia Facebook Page and saw that 100 people like it:

I mean, seriously?

I don’t think I could name 100 people who like me in real life.  So the fact that you come to this site and read it and maybe actually even get something out of it from time to time, really – and I mean really – means a lot to me.

It’s a better feeling than successfully making coq au vin.  It’s a better feeling than tiling your own backsplash.  It’s definitely a better feeling than breathing in capsaicin.  And it might even be a better feeling than intentionally falling headfirst out of a Cessna Caravan.

Wait, that’s a lie.

I’m pretty sure there’s no better feeling than jumping out of a plane.  Or maybe I should say, there’s no feeling like it.


To celebrate this little milestone (in addition to attending a wine tasting for employees at the bar tonight, because we all know that free wine = good times), I’m doing 2 things:

1)  Announcing that Domestiphobia is now on Twitter.  I created the account about 3-ish weeks ago and still don’t really know how to use it.  But if you’re on Twitter, and you happen to want to “follow” me, it might encourage me to… I don’t know… actually figure out what I’m doing over there.

2)  Conducting a giveaway.  (Is conducting the right word?  Hosting?  Having?  Doing?  I think I’m losing my mind.)  That’s right, my friends – I’m going to give something FREE to one lucky commenter.

Just what are you giving away? you might ask.  Because I know what you’re probably thinking.  You’re probably thinking, I bet she’s giving away a crappy coupon book for free hugs or that old dishwasher she can’t get rid of that’s been sitting in her garage for the past 2 years.

And to that, I say, What the hell is wrong with a coupon book for free hugs?!  Seriously – mine usually go for like $5 a pop.

And while I still think the hug thing is an excellent idea – especially because I’d likely get to travel somewhere new and interesting just to deliver said hug – the giveaway is more along the lines of the dishwasher option in the sense that I’m getting rid of something I’ve had sitting in the closet for quite some time and never got around to using.

Plant Nanny for Wine Bottles

No, I’m not giving you a bottle of wine.  Like one of those would sit in MY closet unused.

Remember when I bought these Plant Nannies to use in my garden?  Well, I never opened one of the boxes, and at the rate my last garden was destroyed by termites, I’m thinking it might be a long while before I use them again.

So today I’m giving away my last box of (4) Plant Nannies!

Plant Nannies

Oh, yikes.  That sounded a lot more exciting before I typed it out.

Is this a crappy giveaway?  If so, I’m sorry.  I’d love to give something more extravagant, but I’m unemployed, people.  So you’ll take my ceramic plant feeders and you’ll like ’em.

And you don’t need a garden to use them.  In fact, they work great in pots as well, if you just want to try your hand at growing one plant at a time.

Wine Bottle Plant Nanny

See?  They make your plants look like winos.

Which is really pretty hilarious.

And if you actually take the time to remove the labels from the wine bottles, it can look quite pretty.

Wine Bottle Plant Nannies

But I think we all know I like to do things half-way.  ‘Cause that’s how domestiphobes roll.

So anyway.  If you win these totally awesome nannies for your plants (because all nannies should feed their kids wine), you can go get all stinky in your garden and grow some beautiful and/or delicious greens to make your life a little better.

And speaking of stinky readers, maybe that coupon book of hugs wasn’t such a good idea.

No offense.

The not-so-fine print:

1.  I’m really really sorry to my international readers, but Justin will only support me shipping this within the continental U.S.  You see, until I’m actually making money, he’s not that thrilled with me giving ours away.  Which, dammit – makes sense.

2.  To enter, simply leave a comment to this post telling me what kind of wine (if any) you prefer.  Chardonnay?  Sweet red?  Boxed?  With some fava beans and a nice chianti?  And if you don’t drink wine, why the hell not??  (Allergies, pregnancy, and legal age limit are the only real excuses I can think of.)

3.  I will use some type of random comment selector thing to pick the winning comment.  All entries must be in by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011.  Once the winner is randomly chosen, I will announce it on this page and contact the lucky reader for a shipping address.

4.  This box of plant nannies has never been used.  I will pack them as cushily as I can, but I am not responsible for any that might break during shipping.  If any of them do break, I deeply, sincerely apologize.  And I’ll send you a complimentary virtual hug – no matter how stinky you are – to make up for it.


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Hi Katie,
I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re doing a giveaway for the plant nannies, because just recently, I was remembering your original post about these and WANTING to find them for my herb garden. Not to sound as though I am sucking up, (unless it’s working) it’s true, I really thought those were a great way to use up all the wine bottles I have been collecting for this very purpose. So to fulfill my entry…I’m what you call a “WINO”. I actually love wine so much I work for a distributor…and I’m taking Wine courses to learn how to be a wine snob. Which by the way I suck at, because actually I’m not very picky at all, I’d suck the alcohol out of a deoderant stick. Anyway…my favorite wine is probably the Trapiche Malbec….or I do love a good Moscato since spring has arrived!

Dennis Hong

Any wine that comes in a paper bag. ;-)

Hey, for self-hosted blogs, there’s a widget that will automatically tweet any posts you make. You might wanna look into that if you’re unfamiliar with Twitter.


what a cool idea? I just started a veggie garden and would love this.

as for wine, I love italian chianti and my fav wine under $10 is manage trio, a california red blend.


Oh, Katie, pick me! I want a Plant Nanny for my flower garden.

LOVE your posts…and I LOVE Berringer SPARKLING White Zindel! I know it’s probably not REAL wine, but it’s the only one that likes me and I don’t have a headache in the morning. :-)


I particularly love Conundrum, but my budget rarely allows for it. Aside from that white wine, I love virtually any type of pinot noir.

And I would love to win those plant nannies so I could put them in my veg garden I have outside of my front steps.


I love your giveaway! And my new backyard raised-bed garden will love the “nannies.”

I’m a Pinot Noir girl myself. And I have a lot of empty bottles that could be used for these nannies. :)


Wild Irish Rose ;)


Yea! A Give A Way!

I thought the Plant Nannies were cute when you showed them to us last year. And why remove the label from the bottle before putting the bottle in the garden? The label is what grabs my attention first.

My favorite is a Moscato , it’s great any time of the year.


Hello hello… I love your blog and I love bluefish reisling…
I hope I win… I want my garden to look like a wino <3


If I happen to find it, Pinot Noir… otherwise I settle for the $5box of Clos. Beggars can’t be choosers ya know:) And PS – when I win you can ship it to my US address, don’t you fear Justin!


I have recently discovered a local (SD) wine that is called Red Ass Rhubarb. Its a blush, but nice and tart like rhubarb. I also like a good Reisling. :) I love the wino nannies & now that I’ve turned the hubband into a wino (he used to be strictly a beer guy), we have several empty bottles on hand to upcycle or recycle.

Maria N Corrales

I like dry Rieslings and the badass Bear Flag (a $6 bottle of juicy deliciousness from Modesto, CA). BUT I’m currently a month and a half into a six-month no-drinking pact. Why? For the hell of it. After not drinking at all in India I figured I’d just keep rolling with it and ended up making said pact. It’s particularly good for my fragile budget post Epic Trip to India.


Congrats on your 100 likes milestone! How exciting and what a wonderful way to end a wonderful weekend.

I’m hoping that my graduation weekend that’s coming up will be just as fun and friend-filled. :)

I love Rieslings though I wish I liked something dark and red and sophisticated…something that’s much more Mad Men than Glee. My favorite Riesling? A nice, cheap bottle of Kung Fu Girl. Perfect for a movie night!


Congrats on reaching 100 Katie! Can’t wait for you to hit the next big milestone.

Since I am family, I probably am not eligible to win, even though it was not in your fine print. Now, since I am a beer drinker, cold is my favorite brand, and since everyone else was so serious with their wine choices, I am going with a nice cold bottle of Bali Hai on a hot summer day. Now I am dating myself. Do they even make it any more?


I’m usually quite diverse with the Reds I am drinking, but my favorite red varietal right now is Malbec. I haven’t found, a much better deal than the Punto Final Reserva Malbec. Although last night with my Moroccan spiced salmon filet and pine nut and date couscous with minted yoghurt we had a great Verdejo by Villa Narcissa.


Congrats with the milestone! various white an red wines are serve when when we have big family gathering dinners. I don’t really have a preference..


It’s really sort ironic that I’m here on your page leaving a comment about a giveaway. My sister posted your blog “I used to be a bartender back when I was working my way through bartending” on facebook yesterday morning and from the first paragraph I was enthralled. It really struck a cord with me seeing as how that is EXACTLY what I am doing at this very moment. I currently bartend while trying to get myself through school and there are days when I do get soo caught up in the future and I forget the now.(I know that you meant the blog to be for a very broad range of people not just bartenders but it particularly hit home) I enjoyed that blog so much that I read it probably 5 or 6 times that morning. In reading that blog I decided to go on and read your older blogs. Not to sound like a stalker or anything but I must have spent a good 2 hours back reading. In doing so I found out (through the “what happened to Miss Independent” blog, which I LOVE) that you are a military wife stationed at Fort Bragg/ Pope. My boyfriend of 3 years is in the Air Force at Pope. After reading your very witty and insightful blogs I decided to follow you on facebook so that I could easily “subscribe” to your blogs and now I am here to enter your giveaway. Being an avid wine drinker myself I love this idea of the nannies. I thought of this quote when I saw this giveaway and the events leading up to this…
“From wine what sudden friendship springs! ”
~ John Gay 1685 – 1732
I use the term friendship loosely here but I would like to continue reading your blogs and possibly be able to communicate with you. Thank you for your writing! I know I got a little off topic but I wanted to share about how I found your blog… I do enjoy a nice, spicy red zinfandel !!!


Great giveaway! I should totally win this because as big of a wineaux as I am, my garden should drink some, too.

So for the rules, my fave wine would have to be a French semi-dry red, but let’s face it I’m not that discriminatory. I’ll drink whites, blushes, semi-sweets, dry, Australian, Chilean, Californian, and lots and lots of Finger Lakes.

Congrats on reaching 100. I’d be one, but I’m the absolute last person in the universe to not have a Facebook.

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