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I Have People Pods.

Not pod people.

But people pods.

You know — different groups of people with whom you identify in different parts of your life.

Except for me, it’s like… extreme.

There’s the “home” people — My husband, current neighbors, and basically anyone who knows me in my nightmarishly perfect suburban ‘hood.  I make dinners and attend cookouts and swap garage codes and recipes and repair man referrals.

There’s the work people — that eclectic group of bar coworkers whom I can’t help but love for their individual quirks, stories, and there-IS-no-such-thing-as-sexual-harassment-when-you-work-in-a-restaurant attitudes.  And that last part is true.  Except when it’s not.  And unless you’ve never worked in a bar/restaurant, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

There’s the old work people — you know, that “real” job I had back before I flipped my sh*t and decided that a 2 month trip to Costa Rica and a savory bar stint were far better alternatives to a gray cubicle and a steady paycheck.  My old work people are awesome, too.  (I’m nothing if not consistently fortunate in finding fantastic people with whom to bitch about work.)

And also a plethora or other old, old work people.  It’s kind of ridiculous how many jobs I’ve held.

My family — immediate, extended, and those through marriage. With divorces and marriages and relocations, I’d say my family makes up several different pods.  Even the members of my immediate family — mom, dad, sister, brother — each live in a different state.  But those are the people who, while they’re less familiar than my current coworkers with the person I am today, will always remember who I was back when I had braces and wore scrunchies and bought my first training bra.  They knew me before I was… me.

And my college friends, from 2 different colleges.  I still keep in touch with many.  The first set knew me when I was trying to “find myself” and was full of hope, ambition, and Everclear.  The second set knew me as the non-traditional older student — the studious one who preferred wine over Everclear and was there for the degree, more than anything else.

My Costa Rica people.  Only for a little while, they were mine.  I won’t forget them.

Military friends.

Online friends.

High school friends.

High school job friends.

Friends of friends.

And each set — each pod — sees me a little differently.  I’m still me — always me.  But the context changes from person to person, place to place.

I can’t decide which view of myself — from various pod perspectives — I like best.

Do you have all these pods, or am I alone here?  Do yours blend together or stay fairly separate?  I’ll admit it weirds me out when people from polar pods overlap — work with family, past with present.  I worry that they’ll catch on to the fact that I’m not always the same, and I might have to choose which person I want to be.

And that just seems so… permanent.

It’s 4:16 a.m. and I can’t remember why I started writing this post.  Anyway.  I hope I made a point.


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I def have pods. Pretty sure we all do. I love the family pods, our family is odd to say the least… U will never have to choose which one to be when people interlap….we all change, grow. If it werent for eating sherbet in Grandpa’s tshirt or listen to NKOTB full blast goofiin around, we would be who we r today. Without each and every “pod” come a different place time and life experience….love the pod people. Lol


Hahaha, well-said. :)

Dennis Hong

I’m exactly the same way. Let’s see, I have my….

Work friends
Hockey friends
Swing dancing friends
A subset of friends I met through swing dancing originally, but whom I now only hang out with for non-swing-dancing things)
SeaWorld friends (I used to work at SeaWorld… funny thing, there’s actually like three or four cliques of SeaWorld friends I hang out with)
Professional poker friends (yes, I did used to play poker professionally, too, but I actually met these guys because they were my neighbors)
Lawyer friends (I was never a lawyer, but a friend of mine is, and law students party a lot, so I hung out with him and his friends when they were still in school)
Friends from grad school (okay, I don’t hang out with these folks anymore, but I “see” them online and correspond with them occasionally)
Oh, and I guess I should count my blogging friends, too, even though I’ve only met a few of them

I pretty much hang out with all of these groups on a regular or semi-regular basis. I guess this is just how I’ve always been. The plus side is that I know a lot of people. The minus side is that I don’t really have my one “core” group of close friends.

I’m glad I’m not the only one like this. :-)


That’s a great point – one I eventually might have come to if I hadn’t written this at 4:00 a.m. I don’t really have one core “group” of close friends. I have a couple friends I consider very close, but even they are parts of different pods.

Also, I love that you swing dance.


I have people pods too! When Austin and i had our graduation party last weekend and they all overlapped, the only thing that kept me from locking myself in the bathroom was all the keg beer I drank…somehow watching my parents meet his parents for the first time was me having drunk goggles on.


wow…I can’t believe I completely fudged up the last sentence of my comment and I’m completely sober.

what I meant to write: “somehow watching my parents meet his parents for the first time was easier with drunk goggles on.”


Haha, are you sure you didn’t have drunk goggles on when you wrote that comment?? ;)

I kid! Hopefully the parents meeting went well!! I get nervous about drinking too much in front of Justin’s mom. Which, ironically, makes me want to drink even more. Huh.


Definitely understand what you mean. I definitely have pods: Family, in-laws, grade school, high school, college, old work, Hubby’s work friends, church, old homeschooling group, other baseball parents from various aged kids, other track parents, sewing e-friends, kitchen forum e-friends, and blog e-friends….Even doing-life-business friends, like my favorite banker guy and the pediatrician. The pods get more numerous, but smaller over the years, no matter my efforts to the contrary. This pod-concept is what made joining Facebook ‘interesting.’.. where people from different parts and eras of my life…who see a different ‘me’… gather and can all read together what I’m doing and saying… It’s weird sometimes.


That’s a great point! Facebook does kind of blur the pod lines a bit – I constantly find myself thinking about the various people who might read it before I post a status update.

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