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It’s Almost Like Going Back In Time

We did something crazy yesterday.



(No, we already went skydiving last year.)

(And I already quit my great-paying job to make hot sauce and rappel water falls in Costa Rica.)

So what could possibly be next?

Bungee jumping?  Bull riding?  Hang Gliding?

While I’d love to try all those things (except maybe the bull riding), what we did yesterday was much, much scarier.

We cancelled our satellite t.v. service.


I know!

That’s so… un-American of us.

Fortunately, since Justin is in the Air Force, that negates any other seemingly un-American things we do.

We’ve been talking about quitting t.v. for years — even before our income was cut in half.  And I’ll admit that while the decrease in funds played a role in cancelling the service, the real fact of the matter is that when we took a good hard look at our lifestyle, we realized that television was one huge distraction preventing us from doing things we either need to get done or truly enjoy.

Like house projects.

And reading.

And… you know… talking to each other.

Television had become the symbol of lethargy in our house — the reason to not take the dogs for a walk on a lovely evening, or the reason to not quite start building that desk for the office.


Before you completely panic on our behalf, it’s important for you to know that we won’t be cut off completely from the world of sitcoms and movies and… what was that last thing?  Oh yeah, world news.  We haven’t chucked the plasma into the dumpster, we haven’t cancelled our Netflix subscription, and we haven’t traded our tennis shoes for moccasins or started growing out our body hair.  It’s just that from now on, we’re going to have to work a little harder for the distractions, concentrating our efforts on the things we really want to see — downloading the latest Dexter episodes from illegal sites and watching marathons of My So Called Life from Netflix on the weekends.

We might cave and get an antenna so I can still watch the news in the morning.

Honestly?  The thing I think I’ll miss the most is cranking up a mood-dependent satellite music station while I cook or paint a room or clean the house.  Sure, I can still use the free online radio stations, but there’s something about surround sound that makes work seem just a little more… vibrant.

But no longer sitting down to a smorgasbord of commercial-free DVR’d movies and sitcoms for hours on end?

I think I’ll get used to it.

After all, not one person laying on his deathbed ever said,

“Man… I wish I’d watched more t.v.”

P.S.  I think I’m addicted to Pinterest.  In case you missed it yesterday, I’m sending (what seems to be limitless) invites to anyone who wants to join up.  Just go to yesterday’s post and leave a comment telling me you want an invitation.  It’s seriously organizing all of the clutter IN MY HEAD and I’m pretty sure it could finally be the answer to either multiple orgasms or world peace. I’ll let you know.


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We got rid of satellite and bought a digital box about a year ago. No monthly bill and the box was really cheap. Regular tv isn’t that bad and you’re so right… way less distrations and more time to enjoy life.


What’s the difference between a digital box and antenna? This is supposed to be simpler and already I’m confused. :)


I’m starting to make the jump.. I have decreased my package, bought the cables (for cpu hook up), stream online, and I’m just waiting for my next bill cycle to axe it.

Some of tips for people who are thinking of quitting TV .. don’t go cold turkey

(1) Decrease your channel package .. you’ll find out that you’re not missing those extra weirdo channels. I did miss the Style network at first, then I realized that it’s probably healthier to not watch shows like Jerseylicious. You’re savign money? Is it worth it?

(2) SET FAVORITES – I have directv and set my favorite list to basic cable channels. It’s basically like nbc, abc, cbs, fox, etc. I like TV for background noise. Are you okay with basic cable? If not, what about steaming online?

(3) GET CABLES – to hook up your laptop / cpu to your tv. is more than 1/2 cheaper than BestBuy. Get your cords and slowly start using hulu and streaming your favorite shows online

(4) MAKE A FAVORITE TV SHOW LIST – without having DVR now, I keep a little schedule of when my favorite shows air and when it’s available on Hulu or the network website. I try to tell myself its just an arciac version of DVR.

I hope that helps others who are making the jump!


Great tips! Though I’m definitely a “cold turkey” type of person – for me, “easing into something” could take YEARS! But that’s because I’m a procrastinator. :)


Not a big deal, the Naval Academy is getting rid of their cable as everything is just as accessible on the web. I don’t think you’ll miss it much.


I think you’re right. I might miss the ease, but that just means I have to really want to watch something in order to make it happen.

Jason Sanford

Got rid of mine 5 months ago!:-)))

Now I’m half way through my kitchen retiling project….:-)


Woohoo!! Where are the pics?? And wasn’t your kitchen pretty much already perfect? :)


Good for you! We stopped getting cable several years ago, and have never regretted it. It sucked when Monday Night Football moved to ESPN, but that’s my only big regret. We get all the antenna channels(which is a lot,) and Hulu is a great way to watch other stuff.


Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely don’t have to worry about going through football withdrawals… but Justin might disagree!


I would totally cancel out television service if it wasn’t for Andrew. I actually love t.v., it’s just it seems so… unessential. I went for looong stretches (years) without it in my twenties, because I was moving too much to ever set it up. I didn’t really miss it.



Unessential — THAT is the perfect word for it. You know, I didn’t even have a t.v. for my first couple years of college. And I definitely did not miss it.


welcome to the dark side!! You’ll be amazed at the number of people who look at you with mouth gaping open asking “are you doing ok??” with nothing but sincerety in their voice. It’s quite funny actually. Especially when you say “yes…I don’t miss it at all!” (eyes widen in shock as a response)….


Haha… people might want to check me into a t.v. rehab clinic. :)


I’ve been without cable for the last 5 months (never had satellite or even DVR) and I’m not really missing it all that much. Though my heart will always yearn for The Food Network.

Most shows I frequent I can watch online or I’m already dedicated and know I’ll still buy the season on DVD when it eventually comes out.

But congrats. Feel free to take the god dogs on a good long walk for me…like to Kansas…?


Matt TRIED to cancel our cable when we lived in our last place… well they forgot to shut it off so we still received the majority of our channels anyway (like 1-99 and who the heck needs 1900 channels anyway?). Now, in our new house, we have 3 TVs, 2 hooked up, with 2 DVR boxes. We DVR some shows but in all honesty I would LOVE to decrease any amount of time we spend watching tv. Our issue? We love sports so much. We probably (or Matt probably) watches something 5 days a week. I’m still waiting for the “a la carte” options: pay for what you watch and ditch the rest. I think I could get by with 3 channels myself!

Power to you… and imagine all of the good things you’ll do now without the distraction (although the internet is one anyway!). :)


We’ve never had cable or satellite and the kids’ friends think we’re pretty weird… Like Laxsupermom, I mostly miss the sports that have moved from the antenna channels we still can watch. We watch too much tv, as it is, so can’t imagine life around here with more choices. Unfortunately, the kids have discovered TV via internet… At least it takes less time, since the commercials are shorter.


The ONLY reason we would ever need cable again is so Aaron can watch ESPN – You can stream absolutely everything online – even your morning news. All networks can be watched online for free… satellite TV is such a waste of money and I’m sure in the next few years will prove obsolete. Way to go!!


*gasps* at the very thought. I have cable not satellite but live with out space and food networks …ummmm nooooooooooo !!!!!!!! at least not while i am single…

[…] will need to be cooked on the grill out back.  And I don’t mind not having television (since we don’t even have cable anyway) so I’ll just read, except reading by candlelight is much more difficult and less romantic […]

[…] will need to be cooked on the grill out back.  And I don’t mind not having television (since we don’t even have cable anyway) so I’ll just read, except reading by candlelight is much more difficult and less romantic than […]

Penny Mannel

Did you ever find out the difference between an antenna and a digital box?


Ha, nope. I don’t bother with that stuff. I never even watch the t.v. – just shows through Netflix or on the network websites. :)

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