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Ode to the Good Stuff

I’m feeling exceptionally poetic today.

Not particularly articulate, but poetic.

So here’s to the good stuff —

like screen porch naps on warm October afternoons…

(Cell phone pic)

like men with dogs…

like the word “persimmons”…

like sticking your hand in a colander full of cooked noodles…

like fuzzy bees…

like babies with cell phones…

like my office… wherever it happens to be.

I’m sitting in my backyard office and it smells like fall.

I think I’m starting to be okay with that.

And even if I’m not, I will deal because my office has wine.

Does anyone else like to stick their hands in colanders of cooked noodles, or is that just me?  What kind of stuff are you oding these days?


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I ode clocking out of work every day.

And right now…candy corn, muffins, and pretzel M&M’s.

And being done with the last wedding video for 2011.


Good stuff! Especially the pretzel M&M’s. I think I’m pretty much in love with those things.


My new Siamese cat with the snaggle tooth

Having my youngest son crash on the sofa for two weeks while he househunts

Playing bananagrams

The fecundity of basil and star jasmine in my little courtyard


More good stuff! Though i have no idea what bananagrams is. And I’m thinking I need to find out.


It’s a very cool word game – much quicker and more fun than scrabble


Thanks! :)

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