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My First 29th Was A Good One.

I’ll admit it.  I was kind of spoiled for my birthday this year.

Apparently Justin was feeling generous.  Or he was in a rare shopping kind of mood.  Or he was worried that if I walked in on him hastily filling out my card at 6 p.m. on the day of for the 8th year in a row, that I’d be taking myself somewhere special for celebratory drinks.

Like Morocco.

Not only did he have my work breakfast all set up for me…

…but he also had a card with a note, part of which read, “I love you and hope to help make your 29’s special — no mater how many of them you want to have.”

Can I hear a collective awwwww?

And the card was about beer.

He knows me so well.

Speaking of knowing me well, he also bought me new wine glasses.


I was down to 3 remaining cheapo glasses that would break if you looked at them too intensely, so these were perfect — especially if I ever want to, you know, share my wine with friends.

He also bought me this:

We spotted it at the Sanford Antique Mall a couple of months ago.  For some reason I’ve been wanting a retro desk fan, and this one had me at “I saw you on the floor in some forgotten corner, and I knew we were meant to be.”

But alas, the store proprietors wouldn’t satisfy my need to haggle, so we walked away empty-handed.

Justin, who’s never cared much for haggling, went back to get it to surprise me.  And apparently it doesn’t count if you didn’t get a bargain on your birthday.  Because it’s your birthday.

She’s a little scratched and dented.

Kind of like me.

But the best part?

I have to say the best part was the homemade cheesecake.

The homemade key lime cheesecake with black raspberry swirls.


Spoiled, I was.

And this doesn’t even cover what we did this weekend.

And now, all I can say is, wow.

He really set the bar for my next 29th.


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Such a good hubby! :)


Yeah, I think I’ll keep him. ;)


wow! Your husband makes cheesecake?!?


Oh, he makes the hell out of it. I think he should open a cheesecake store. One I’m never allowed inside. Ever.

Nick H.

Happy Birthday! My second 29th was way better than my first. I am coming up on my fourth 29th. Better be good. Love the retro fan. I wish everything I owned was classified as “retro” or “thrifty(except clothes)” Like, “check out my retro TV! You can hardly see the picture.” Or “take a look at this retro VCR. I can’t even find tapes for it” Anyway, looks like you had a lot of thoughtful gifts for your Bday. Hope it went well!


“Vintage” is a good one, too. You sound super groovy if you say you own “vintage” anything. :)


Officially jealous. That’s incredible. A man who knows you, gets the perfect gift, and makes cheesecake? Sounds like a terrific weekend! Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, sometimes I think I’ll keep him. ;) If we lived closer, I’d be willing to trade for a day so yours could build stuff around my house and mine could make you cheesecake. But alas, people tend to frown upon that sort of thing.


Put me in the jealous camp with Lax. How nice!

Morocco. I’ll have to remember that. To be fair, DH did do it up just right, and even surprised me, for my 50th. Distracted me from the realization that I’d turned 50 in the midst of the nice weekend, so that was priceless. It ALMOST made up for the years (25 or so?) of hastily scribbled cards grabbed at Walmart on the way home from work… ;-)

Ya see…That’s what having kids is good for. They remember special occasions, and sometimes browbeat the hubby into remembering.


Ha! Congratulations — you’ve put a check mark in my “reasons to HAVE a baby” column. ;)

I’m glad your hubs did your 50th up right — with 25 years of practice, he would’ve had to TRY to screw that one up!


sounds like a great day Happy Birthday


Why, thank you! It was pretty good. :)

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