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I Missed You.


I’m home.

I’m home, Justin’s home, the pups are home, and finally, besides the fact that it feels like I’m waking up at 5 when I’m really waking up at 7, all feels right with the world.

I have a lot to catch you up on, I know, but I have less than 48 hours of quality time left with that guy who stuck a ring on my finger back when I was like 9 (which, incidentally, makes me only 16 years old, which is all kinds of awesome) before he leaves for Afghanistan, so I figure I should spend it not on the computer.

I will have plenty of time for this, and you, in the coming months.

And trust me — I have a lot to share.

So for now, lets just start with the biggest news:


I took a fashion hint from this dog and decided to get bangs.

Probably right about the time Hollywood’s fashionistas have once again declared them unfashionable.

Not because I’m the type who likes to roll against the grain, but because I’m the type who takes so long to make a decision that trends are over before I have a chance to jump on the wagon. ¬†Either that, or I’ve been on the wagon for so damn long that trends come back in style before I knew they were obsolete.

Which pretty much makes me cool by default.

Can you dig?


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Of all the things you could post about after a week being gone, you post about BANGS!??!! LOL. They must be important to you :)


Oh, yes. They’re very important. :)


I LOVE the bangs. You look more like a big girl now. ;-) Enjoy your precious time with Justin.
Thanks to you both for the sacrifices.


Thank you!!

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