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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria… Played By Carrie Underwood?

Sound of Music Nuns Marni Nixon Second from left

“How do you catch a wave upon the sand?” Those nuns were like… crazy philosophical.

When Justin told me they were remaking The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood, my initial reaction was, to put it bluntly, was…


How can they risk ruining a classic?

How could they possibly make anything that was brilliant to begin with even better?

How could Carrie freakin’ Underwood hold a candle to Julie Andrews? Julie Andrews was Mary POPPINS, for crying out loud! Could Carrie Underwood play Mary Poppins? I don’t think so. There are few people in this world — probably only one — who could play both Mary Poppins AND Baronin Maria von Trapp, and I’m pretty sure Julie Andrews is IT. And maybe Kate Winslet. If, you know, she could sing. (Which, according to this, she CAN. So there you go.)

Seriously. Could Carrie Underwood make play clothes from curtains? And could Carrie Underwood get seven unruly children to sing and dance a choreographed goodnight performance to a mansion full of guests? And could Carrie Underwood accidentally make their angry, widowed father fall madly in love with her while singlehandedly renewing his zest for life?

Okay. Maybe that last part.

But can Carrie Underwood sport a pixie cut? Because I swear to God if they change Maria’s hair, I might just have a conniption.


Okay. Of course Carrie can rock a pixie. I mean, look at her.


But could anyone possibly be more formidably sexy than Christopher Plummer circa 1965?


I think not.

The only re-make of anything I can think of that I have ever liked more than the original is “Alone” by Heart in 1987, which, you might not know, is actually the third rendition of the song after John Stamos (yes, Uncle Jesse) in 1984 and the original writers, Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, but before Celine Dion in 2007.

If that doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what will. You’re obviously a lost cause. Move on.

Then, of course, in my Youtube-and-Cabernet induced musical frenzy last night, I stumbled across this:

Carrie Underwood performing Alone with Ann Wilson.

And, okay. I still don’t think Carrie has that rusty, patina quality that makes Ann’s voice give me goosebumps, but okay.

I get it. The girl can sing.

And the original Sound of Music was made in 1965 and maybe it’s a tad outdated. But really, the story takes place in the 1930’s, so it’s not like it exactly has to be modernized.

But then I thought about it.

And I realized.

Maybe it’s a good thing they’re redoing a classic with a popular current icon.



Sure, they’ll have to un-glam her a little — or a lot — but I can see it happening.

I mean, for how often I rant about kids today not understanding the things — the wonderful, non-electronic, wholesome, down-to-earth things that made my childhood so much better than theirs — isn’t this actually a good thing?


I’m not usually one to use the word “wholesome.” It seems… icky. Unrealistic, old-fashioned, and fake. Especially when held against the shenanegans in which I used to partake. But, really. When compared to the way tweens seem today — all makeupy and short skirty and taking duck-faced self-portraits in the bathroom mirrory — maybe they could use a little Sound of Music in their lives.

Maybe they’ll see the appeal of modest clothes made of curtains.


Seducing kisses — only kisses — from boys who may or may not betray your entire family to the Third Reich.

Sound of Music

Or Friday night family sing-a-longs.


Or… maybe not.

But at least from now on, when I shout, “Doe!” they’ll know to respond with, “A deer! A female deer!”


And, really. That’s all I can ask.


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I totally want to go watch that movie now.


I would watch Carrie Underwood watching paint dry. *sigh*


Ha! She is awfully adorable.


I never saw Sound of Music until I was about 26 or so. To be honest, I was underwhelmed. I thought it was kind of hokey. And really long. Remake away, sez I.


How to fully appreciate The Sound of Music:

1. Wear pajamas, grab a blanket, a fluffy creature (dog or cat), and a glass of wine.
2. Learn the songs. It’s MUCH more fun to sing along.
3. Let yourself get swept up in the romance — the doomed one between Rolf and Liesl, and the super risqué one between the Captain and the former nun. It’s all very exciting.
4. Make nachos during the interlude and prepare yourself to switch gears between frolicking fun and the realities of WWII.
5. Empathize. Pretend it’s YOU having to leave the safety of the Abbey, falling for a man with seven children, and loving nothing more than to run through the hills that are alive — alive! — with the sound of music.

Embrace the hokey. I know you have it in you. ;)

Kat Richter

I don’t think I can handle this… HER? I’m already bracing myself for Anne Hathaway and Amanda Bynnes or whatever her name is in Les Mis.


Really?! I actually semi-respect Anne Hathaway after she held her own at the Oscars with no help from her co-host, but Amanda Bynnes? That should be… interesting.


OMG my Mom spit her coffee out when she saw this in the paper! I don’t really know Carrie Underwood — can you believe I’ve never heard one of her songs before! So, I have no idea if she’d be good or not, but I just think there are some classics that should never ever be remade. The Godfather is another one!!!


Agreed, 100%. I have nothing against Carrie — I’m sure she’s lovely! It’s just that she’s setting herself up for disappointment because it’s very difficult to improve upon perfection. And classics, whether they’re truly perfect or not, will always feel that way. :)


It’s not Amanda Bynes in Les Mis- it’s Amanda Seyfried. A much better actress. I also don’t consider Les Mis a remake since the last movie was just the book, and didn’t have the gorgeous music of the Broadway play. I for one am super duper (yes I just said super duper) excited about it!! I will probably have to go alone, but I will go prepared & take in some wine in a tippy cup. :)


Ohh, Amanda Seyfried! I like her, believe it or not. I think she’s hilarious and has a really cool look. You know, I don’t really call Les Mis a “re-make” because it’s been done SO many times. It’s not “classic” like The Sound of Music. I think I’ve seen… what? 3 different movie versions of it? At least two… And Anne Hathaway is not a dumb woman. She knows people will be banking on her messing up “I Dreamed a Dream,” so I’m sure she nailed it. And if she didn’t, there’s always auto-tune. ;)


The only good thing I can think of to remaking one of the best movies of all time is that younger people will be interested and perhaps watch the classic version too. Thinking of Carrie Underwood playing Maria makes me cringe…but I can’t make a logical argument as to why. Oh well. I guess I’m getting old.


Yes. And that’s what I was trying to say at the end. Instead of whining about them re-making perfection, I should be happy that it’s still deemed relevant enough to try to expose younger generations to it. And I suppose there are worse role models than Carrie Underwood for them to cast, but yeah… still cringing a little. ;)

RHome410 @ Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup

I used to love identifying with Rolf and Liesl, but now had to shift to Maria and the ‘old guy.’ (To me, visions of some of his creepier roles sneak in and subtract from his possible handsomeness.) And I refuse to stop and consider that I’m WAY past their ages now, too.

If anyone can do this, I think Carrie Underwood just might. And of course she can make clothes out of curtains, she’s COUNTRY! :-) Down to earth and all that.

What I’m happy about, if they feel a redo is necessary, is that they’re choosing someone like Carrie, so that, hopefully, they aren’t deciding the wholesomeness is outdated, and they’ll keep that aspect of it. There are certainly worse things in this world than 2 versions of this great story. Much better casting than Lindsey Lohan as Liz Taylor. Yikes.


You’re right! I’ve made that shift as well. It’s the same thing when I happen to see football on T.V. I notice I’m commenting on the coaches more than the players. ;)

You’re right — of the young female actresses and singers out there today, Carrie Underwood is probably one of the more qualified and positive examples for young women out there. Let’s hope she keeps it that way!

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