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Apparently U-Haul Is Branching Out.

So I have another real post in the works, but I didn’t feel like it was quite ready to expose to the masses yet so I’m opting, instead, to take the lazy girl’s way out on this lovely Friday morning

and show you this photo I took while Justin was driving:



It’s a rhinoceros.

On a U-Haul.

And below it gives a little blurb about volcanic ash blanketing a thriving prehistoric rhinoceros habitat 10 million years ago and, if that fact interests you in the slightest, you can learn more about fossils at — guess where —

Who knew U-Haul was an expert source on fossil beds?

Not I, my friends. Not I.

And I actually went to their site and they have a cool factoid and graphic for every state. The one I saw was from Nebraska and it has this cool geographical information and also cartoons!

Respect, man.


Have you seen any interesting marketing ploys lately?

P.S. You should check out Dee’s powerful response to my post from yesterday.


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Can I just say that I didn’t think I would ever see that The More You Know sign? Seriously that’s awesome. Do they still show that? Afterschool specials are definitely something they should bring back lol


No kidding!! Haha I’m so glad at least one person “got” it. ;)


Awesome! A little old school for Friday :) Does anyone else remember 3-2-1 Contact and a short in it called The Bloodhound Gang?? Or is that just me being a nerd?


OMG I remember that!!!! Hahahaha craaaaazy!

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