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Three’s Not A Crowd, After All.


Now that we’re 34 and 32 respectively, I suppose Justin and I are officially “in our thirties,” which is weird because nothing has really changed since our twenties except that our hair is falling out (yes, mine too — if you know how to make this stop, please fill me in) and now we have a roommate. Actually for a short time we have two roommates if you count the 19-year-old. But I’m not sure if you should because I’m only aware of her presence for like an hour in the evenings when she emerges from her cave for a refueling of protein and Mountain Dew.

(Until this moment, I never thought about how wholly misleading that brand name is. To normal people, the phrase “mountain dew” should conjure images of fresh alpine mornings, crystal clear air, and pure droplets of water dripping from pine needles. Instead, to us over-commercialized masses, it conjures images of neon yellow snot water that probably shouldn’t even be allowed in our homes, let alone our bodies, but ya know it tastes good.)


(Okay I don’t even really think it tastes good but I don’t want the teenager to think I’m not cool. Which really solidifies the fact that I’m in my thirties.)


We have a roommate who happens to be a dear friend of mine from when we lived back in Georgia. Her husband’s in the Air Force as well, but she and I actually met in college where we immediately bonded over the fact that we were “non-traditional” “older” students with a shared interest in geomorphology and geographic information systems. We had a weird affinity for fluvial processes and karst topography and the monotony that is collecting soil samples for analysis. Plus she knew how to make a killer buttery nipple and we could bitch about the military.

It was beautiful.

Then we were separated for seven years while her family moved off to Virginia then Germany then back to Virginia, during which time Justin and I pretty much camped out in North Carolina. We were reunited upon our move to Virginia, but now, of course, her husband has orders to D.C. Such is the life. Now Angie is staying with us for a couple of months to wrap up her job before joining her husband in their new condo a few hours up the east coast.

At first I was all nervous. I mean, aside from Justin, I haven’t had a roommate since 2002. What if she got grossed out by the amount of dog hair I let pile up before deciding it’s worth it to pick up a broom? What if she notices that my trash can smells and that some of the condiments in my refrigerator expired in 2009? What if she judges me for watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix instead of working on my novel or learning to play guitar or sweeping up dog hair?

These are the things that go through my mind.

It turns out I worried for nothing, though. While I was at my phone food photography class on Sunday, she sent me a text notifying me that the sheets from my couch (to protect them from mutt nails) were in the wash and my house had been dusted and my carpets were vacuumed and there was a foot massage waiting for me when I got home.

Okay she didn’t text that last part.

But that’s when I realized that a) I totally would’ve accepted that foot massage if she’d offered, and b) she was probably just as nervous about the whole roommate situation as I was, which is silly because when people are kind and considerate and care about each other’s comfort, coexisting in a shared space really isn’t all that difficult.

And when there’s wine and shared housework and lots of delicious food involved, it’s even kind of fun.

Justin & Angie, Thanksgiving 2006


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Angie Kern

The discussion about drinking games while watching top gun and watching Katie struggle to watch movies like Charlies Angels and Tomb Raider…Crap I’ll bet she’ll talk me into watching Walter Mitty!

Seriously though, you guys make it easy!
Oh yeah….Whoo hooo I’m in another post!


The Top Gun Homo-Erotic Drinking Game! I’m trademarking that. ;)


P.S. Why haven’t you offered me a foot rub yet?

Celery and the City

I”m not gonna lie, my heart kinda sank when i first read this thinking it might mean you were preggers…. PHEW! I need at least one other female in my corner!


Hahaha someone said that on the Facebook post as well! And until she did, it TOTALLY didn’t even occur to me that’s how the title might be interpreted. Which proves just how far away I am from that baby train. I totally thought you were thinking of having one eventually, though. Don’t ditch me.

Colleen Brynn

Aw, what a sweet post! Totally agree.. it shouldn’t be any harder than caring about each other’s well being in order to co-habitate peacefully and happily.


And you know… that pretty much applies to the whole world. :)


Yay, my comments are going through, so I am going to keep on going and leaving comments on posts I already read! > Good on you for taking in a roommate for that long and so glad it is working out. My best friend took me in when I was getting my divorce and it was something I never forgotten. She just added me into her family’s life and made me feel loved and welcomed and fifteen years later I am still grateful to her!


Yeah, it’s one of those things that other people will be quick to tell you is a big deal, but it’s really not! And more adults in a house really does result in getting more done. I’ve started calling her my sister wife, because I’m pretty sure that’s what the neighbors are thinking. ;)

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