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Little Sister

But she’s not so little anymore.

In my head, she’ll always be the adorable, dimple-cheeked cutie-pie of our youth.

Little SIster

I will always be old(er).

She used to steal my clothes and I would chase her around the house.

She has more power over me than she’ll ever know.

With words alone, she can make me laugh and make me cry.  All in the same 10 minutes.

I don’t think there is any argument our mutual co-dependence couldn’t survive.  We have to love each other.

See, it’s in our blood.

She can make my day and break it just as easily.  She’s a bane and a joy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish everyone could have a little sister.

Does someone want mine?

Never mind – I’d start to miss her.  I do already.

She’s the only one I know who’s always ready for her close-up.

Little Sister


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Kelly (sister)

I can’t believe I never commented on this. I love you!


Yeah, you kind of suck sometimes. ;)

(Love you, too!)

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