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Turkey is a Narcotic

Well hey there, party people.

Man, do I suck at this whole commitment thing or what?

I just realized that I took off for several days without even telling you guys that I’d be gone or where I’d be going or what you said to make me leave.  (Seriously, you guys owe me a huge apology.  That shizzle was spiteful.)

Chuckles and I have been in North Carolina since Friday having an early Thanksgiving with the extended family and I’d meant to keep posting all the while but I’ve been gorging mercilessly on the top of the Food Pyramid (Hello?  Sugars and fats?  Did anyone pay attention in P.E. class?) for three days straight without exerting any physical effort whatsoever and now my fingers are too chubby to operate a normal-sized keyboard. 

So there’s that, plus the fact that (a) I forgot my camera cable so I can’t upload any pictures and (b) Chuckles just bought a new laptop and everytime I try to move the cursor using the mousepad, the *$#*?@ thing mocks, literally mocks, my efforts by either scrolling wildly to the very bottom of the screen or somehow shrinking the text size down to, like, microscopic and if I have to deal with this much longer my heart is going to stop busying itself with the task of trying to pump out the lard I’ve been feeding it and start doing the angry warehouse dance Kevin Bacon does in Footloose and then I’m going to keel over and die from a bad 80’s flashback and coming in to your living room to find someone on your couch keeled over a greasy laptop with a deep-fat-fried drumstick still hanging halfway out of her mouth is just not a pleasant Thanksgiving Day memory for any host to have, even if it did kind of serve me right because I’m the kind of crappy houseguest who doesn’t replace toilet paper rolls and eats the rest of the sweet potato casserole without asking. 

So like I said.  It’s hasn’t been the best circumstances to work under here, folks. 

And this is just the first Thanksgiving.  Chuckles and I will be packing up our stuff Wednesday morning and heading back to Maryland for Thanksgiving: The Sequel at our friends’ house on Thursday.

So, in between traveling and packing/unpacking and stuffing my face, I’ll try to crank out a few posts.  Don’t give up on me just yet. 

But in the meantime, hope everyone’s getting geared up for their own awesome Thanksgiving plans. 

And may God have mercy on our arteries.



Mom and Pop McDermott

Sooo, that’s where the rest of the sweet potato casserole went! And the toilet paper! (And we hope those two facts were not in any way connected.)

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