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V is for Validation

Okay, it’s that time.

What time?

You know what time.  Resolution time.

This year I’m keeping it simple.  None of this “I’m going to read 587 best-selling novels, earn a 43% pay increase (which in my case wouldn’t actually be that difficult at this point), and have a body like Jillian Michaels by the end of the year” bullshit.

Nope.  My resolution is to make myself worthy of mention in my mom’s 2011 holiday letter.  And not just a quickie single-line nod to the fact that I’m still alive, either.  I want an actual, unskimmable, entire blurb – or maybe even a paragraph – the kind filled with an unmistakable tone of pride on the part of the writer – about a positive aspect of my life.

An accomplishment.

This is not because I want notoriety or depend on my mom’s holiday letter for validation about my life.  I want to do something for me.  I want to not feel like I’m failing.  And okay, maybe I do need to see it in the letter for validation.

The proof of the fact that I need to pick things up came when I realized the only mention of me in my mother’s 946-word holiday letter email – the one she sent to all of her friends and family – is right after she announced that one of her (practically) step daughters is pregnant and it’s the best thing ever except that it’s not because my mom and Ed are not actually married and I guess that means she won’t “officially” be a grandmother because in order for that to happen, one of the children she bore from her womb and whose butts she lovingly wiped and whose noses she lovingly sucked free of boogers with one of those booger-sucking devices would need to have his or her own child and lovingly wipe its butt and suck boogers from its nose.  In other words, I would need to get pregnant.  Or my unmarried (but totally awesome) little sister.  Or my unmarried (but totally awesome) older brother.  Except he’s gay so there’s even less chance that he’ll get pregnant.  AND he’s a guy so actually there’s zero chance he’ll get pregnant.

So what was I saying?

Oh yeah.  I know that I need to work on accomplishing something because the only mention of me in my mom’s letter is how she’s keeping her fingers crossed that I’ll give her a grandbaby one day, but her guess is that Ed’s other daughter will be next.  That’s it.  And it’s justified because I really did not do anything worth mentioning in 2010.  Except the Costa Rica thing.  That was kinda cool.

And for the record, Ed’s daughters really are great.  They’re really nice people and they do things like… you know… visit Ed and my mom.  So they have that going.  And they want to have babies.

I suppose I wouldn’t have to actually get pregnant to earn a more notable mention in the holiday letter.  Which is good, because I have no intention of doing that any time soon.  Finding a job – especially a job that means something – would probably do the trick.  Or maybe if I make an important discovery or save someone’s life or become the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest wearing nothing but my Uggs and a smile.

And now enough of this emo crap, am I right?  This will be a year of happiness.

So while I’ll admit that I might have lost some of my earlier resolve over the holidays by distracting myself with red wine and peanut butter balls, rest assured that I’m back in the game.  The résumé update starts January 1st.  Possibly the 2nd if I’m too hung over on the 1st.  But you get the idea.

What are some of your New Year resolutions?

*Disclaimer: I am NOT blaming my mom for my lack of mention in her letter about HER year! I’m simply using it as a testament to the fact that this year I need to do… more.


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The Mayor

Well if I were to write a holiday letter, or email or even a card summing up the year, you would definitely get mention. So not only did you come to Costa Rica but you are the first person to EVER peer inside the recipe book of Chile Town Hot Sauce. The first person to ever make Chile Town Hot Sauce other than me. Made the trek across the treacherous border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, drinking Flor de Cana all the way, and in my letter, if I were writing one, all that would be worth mentioning.
Happy New Year KT! Have a good one and here is a toast to you getting a job that “means” something other than meaning a paycheck, hmmm bet that sounds meaningful to someone in your house! hahahahha, I kid, I kid.


That is the nicest thing ever. Seriously, ever. Thank you. :)

Brother Joel

Okay, little miss over-analyze-the-christmas-email:
What does it mean if you didn’t even get sent a copy?!?!!?!?!?


Clearly, you’re not the favorite anymore. ;)


lol THATS IT!!! This year, i’m trapping a guy!


Way to take one for the team, Kel!


946-word holiday letter email?? I must have missed this, or your Mom forgot to send to me…


Okay, I have to clarify – Mom has since called and let me know that it is NOT a holiday email. It’s just an update about what’s been going on in her and Ed’s lives during 2010. :)


Ahhhhhhhh, Katie! You ARE and that’s what makes you meaningful!! You are not a failure, Miss. You’ll find your slot…or not, but you still ARE! I’m happy you’re in my life!


I’m happy you’re in my life, too. Thanks for continuing to send encouraging words my way – even when I’m no longer bunking in your beautiful home!

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