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Cross My Heart and Pinky Swear


I fully intended to have a post for you by this afternoon.  I did.

But it turns out these goals actually take work and time to accomplish.

Go figure.

But, I do have great news!  I have completed the 2 goals I set for myself this week.

Let’s recap:

1.  Finish that damn closet. Yep, it’s finished!  And it actually looks awesome.  Who knew that painting the inside of a closet, replacing the wire shelf with a real shelf, and adding some hooks and organization could be so much work?  But it was totally worth it because I’m convinced this is the type of thing that’s eventually going to sell this place.

Sound crazy?

Think about it.  You can walk into a place you’re potentially interested in buying and it might appear clean, but then you open a closet and see where the mess went.  Subconsciously, this makes you wonder what else the homeowners might be hiding.

Well I’ve got news for you, judgy wudgy – we ain’t hiding nothin’ but some dog leashes and a Dyson.  No skeletons in this closet, thankyouverymuch.

The other closets in the house are another story.

2.  Sell a bunch of the “big” items taking up space in the garage and office so they can both get cleaned out.  Well, I sold almost everything I listed: 2 desks, kitchen range with hood, and a dining table with 4 chairs.  The only thing I didn’t get any bites on was an office chair, so I’ll wait a bit and try again.  I have a few other things I want to try selling, so I consider this a successful start.

Now.  Here’s the kicker.

I don’t have pictures of the garage and office for you tonight.  It’s getting too dark to get a decent picture of the closet, and I’m covered in primer and paint, and I still need to take the mutts on a walk and give them baths, and I’m so hungry and I need a beer.

So those things need to get taken care of.  Not necessarily in that order.

But I will update this post tomorrow with photos.

Pinky swear.

And I never go back on a pinky swear.

Notice that I picked the multiracial pinky swear photo from to emphasize the fact that I’m not racist.

Or maybe it was just one of the first photos to show up.

Potayto, Potahto.


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Chilli Chocolate

I’d nick your office chair off you if I could. :(

I wish I owned my place – I’d restore it back to its heritage glory.

And yes, I am waiting for pictures.

Also blogging my column again! Usual spot – tis called Perth Diary.


I wish you could! Unfortunately, for the cost of shipping, you could probably buy the most luxurious office chair in Australian existence rather than my crappy Office Max one with the hole in the armrest. ;)

I’ll do pictures day – unfortunately it’s so cloudy out, but we’ll just have to deal with dark pics if it doesn’t brighten up. I did pinky swear, after all…


Without pictures, nobody believes you did anything, but swill beer through broken teeth(where is that paint key?) all day long yesterday, while googling for a hep cure. ;)

I just gave you the Liebster Blog Award. It’s an award for blogs with less than 300 followers. Pop on over and grab it.


Well… I might’ve done that, too… ;)

Thanks for the award announcing my mediocre following! I appreciate it. (haha!)

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