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Holy Crap, We’re Still Alive!

The eggnog’s been drunk, the gifts have been opened, and that week-long season — the one that somehow manages to suck entire months of our lives into its toothy vortex — that season unofficially known as The Holidays — has effectively come to a close.

And all I really have to show for it is an airplane-induced backache, a cookie-induced cheek zit, and an extra roll of insulation around my waistline.

Oh, and a serious case of the Mondays.

Even though it’s Tuesday.

That lovely North Carolina sun greeted us upon our return from frigid Nebraska yesterday, but apparently sunshine is so last year because today, the first day of 2013, it’s cloudy, rainy, and decidedly uninspiring.

We still haven’t ventured back home, opting instead to greet the new year with our besties — Alaina, Dirk, and baby Myra. Our doggie day camp has officially kidnapped our mutts until tomorrow, and the thought of following a week of family, friends, and general merriment with a return to a cold house absent of wiggling warm puppy bellies is disheartening.

To say the least.

So our New Year’s Eve was the typical glamorous celebration filled with food, football, and f… passing out at quarter-till midnight.


Alaina’s pregnant again and I apparently have sympathy fatigue.

That’s just the kind of friend I am.

Also, I was drinking champagne for two.

So I have approximately 5,642 pictures from our week to sift through, a list of inspiring resolutions to make and ignore, and a flurry of interesting freelance projects with which to ring in the new year. But today I think I might perform one last ode to procrastination by catching a solo movie while everyone else watches football — preferably one that will allow me to mindlessly stare at Bradley Cooper for 120 straight minutes.

Then I’ll get to that resolution B.S.

Speaking of resolutions, remember mine from last year?

I picked a word describing my hopes and dreams for 2012 — Ambition — and vowed to try to make it apply. True to form, I procrastinated until about October, when I quit yet another filler job and finally — finally — learned how to stop bullshitting myself and start making things happen.

And sure enough, they’ve been happening.

Good things.

So this year, I’m picking a new word:








Because I can think of nothing better than to just keep swimming. To slice through that water with increasing ease. To breathe in, blow out, and watch my muscles grow.

It’s a good feeling, you know.


You should try it sometime.

What’s YOUR word for 2013?


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Momentum a very good word for this brand New Year. :)
Happy New Year.


I think it works for me. :) Happy New Year to you, too!


Good word! I think I need movement before I have momentum. I think my word of the year will be “interested.” I’m going to attempt to pay more attention to things an be more engaged in them and appreciate moments and if they aren’t moments that are easy to appreciate, make them better. Yeah.


I love your word! I could stand to apply that as well.



I like this word thing. I need a word too. Now I have to think of one and get back to you damn it. *grumbles* Post NYE – my brain is not functioning.


Let me know what you come up with. ;)

Marisa Wikramanayake

So Katie, I have thought and I have a word:


And this is why:
1) I have to complete an MA in Neuroscience & Sci Journalism this year
2) I have to complete my duties organising a conference
3) I have to complete my book this year
4) I have to complete recovering from being an emotional wreck
5) I have to complete a journey towards being more stable generally.

And there are a few other small things along the way that have started or will be started that need completing too.

And 6) I complete my third decade this year by turning 30 in July.

All of these things are things I don’t just HAVE to do, I WANT to do. They are difficult but I do want to do them.

Because you mentioned restless souls in a previous post and I am one of them and one thing restless souls have a lot of are dreams. Because there are so many dreams and only one life and so dreams should be chased, followed AND COMPLETED… so that the next set of dreams and the next round of dreaming can begin.

I don’t know where my MA will take me but I can’t get there if I don’t complete it. I don’t know what will happen at the conference but I won’t find out unless we actually end up having it. I have 35 novel ideas and none of them will get a chance in the sunlight if I don’t complete this current book. And I won’t get to live, really properly live and thrive, rather than just survive day to day if I don’t complete a personal journey to recovery and stability.

So, COMPLETION. What do you think?

Much Love, Mari


I like it. I think that is perfect for you. And you’re right — you need to finish these things before you can move on to the next. I suffer from the same affliction, I’m afraid. We have so many interests that it’s difficult to focus on one thing at a time, which is really the only way to get anything done! I think you can do ALL of those things — though to be fair, I think #4 and #5 are both things all of us are working to “complete,” though they might be more of a life journey than something that can be done in a year. :) I wish you the best of luck and I’m rooting for you! Print these out and stick them on your wall or carry them in your pocket. Look at them every day to remind yourself what you’re working towards. And WHY. :)


Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for the next year and beyond.

Perseverance – This has to do with many aspects of life but especially my with my career so many people are addicted to the 9-5 world as much as people complain about it they don’t want it to change.

I try to teach people how to live their dreams but they would rather believe that the world is “flat” even when you tell them it really is round.

Will Smith is a very wise man Since this is a post about “words” You will probably find this video inspirational


Love me some Will Smith!

Perseverance is a GREAT word! Very motivational!


I like “Empowerment”. Or at least I think I do.

2013 is going to be a year where I do a lot of the things that I have been holding back on and haven’t been able to bring myself to finish.


Love it. Strong word. Very YOU!

Lots of changes ahead for you, too — I think they will all be very, very good. :)

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