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Five Weddings And A Foodgasm. Hopefully.


It’s weird to admit, knowing what I know now, but I kind of subconsciously thought that the wedding phase of Justin’s and my life was officially behind us. Without even realizing it was happening, we had fully submerged ourselves into the baby shower phase. If you’re in your early thirties or beyond, you likely know what I mean — that phase when all of your friends start drinking the Kool-Aid and suddenly the majority of your conversations revolve around nipple latching and mucus plugs rather than summer travel plans and recent favorite reads. Unless those reads were about nipple latching or mucus plugs.

Even as a child-free couple, Justin and I get that this is a natural transition, and we’ve mostly come to terms with the fact that our very best friends, Dirk and Alaina, are currently baking #3.


That’s Justin with their first. None of us had any idea of what we were getting into.

So basically I’d resigned myself to shopping from registries that sent me to terrifying places like Baby Gap and Toys R Us, completely mentally neglecting the fact that Justin’s two best friends were single and that between the two of us, we still have five unmarried siblings.

All of whom decided to get married at once, apparently.

Well. Justin’s youngest two are still biding their time, which is totally okay because frankly, I don’t think we can afford to attend another wedding until 2017. But that doesn’t mean I’m not extremely looking forward to the ones we have coming up.

We attended the first in Kansas City, Missouri this past weekend. Justin was the Best Man for one of his closest friends, Matt.


I didn’t bring my nice camera, which is a bit of a bummer photo-wise, but also really awesome because I was truly able to have fun and fully enjoy this amazing wedding. (P.S. When Justin and I got married, camera phones hadn’t even been invented yet. #oldschool)

I’d always mentally referred to Matt as “The Dawson” (who’s with me, fellow Dawson’s Creek freaks?) because he’s an extremely nice hopeful romantic film buff. I was worried he’d never find a woman who loved his quirky style, or worse, that he’d find someone who would use him for his generosity and not return the love. Yet while he did have to go through a fair share of heartache to get there, he couldn’t have found a more perfect match in his new wife Becca.


They even got married in a movie theater!

It was also cool because we were able to meet up with Justin’s parents, and he was reunited with some of his best buddies from high school.


I was actually there too.


I don’t normally take selfies, but I realized that there would be very little proof that I existed on the planet in recent years if I didn’t occasionally take a photo of myself. I’m usually the one holding the camera.

Photo booths help in that department as well:


That happy couple in the photos with Justin and me above are the next on the list. Justin’s in the other Matt’s wedding in Albany, New York at the end of October, which means we’ll officially be marrying off his other best friend!

Yes. I’ve waited thirteen years for some female camaraderie from those two goobers, and they decided to gift me with the lovely Becca and Mallory in the same month.

How lucky am I?

Next up are our dear and bestest foodie friends, Matt #3 (apparently Matt was a very popular name in the 80’s) and Danielle, who sent what is quite possibly the best save-the-date in the history of ever.


How could we turn that down?

Plus, it’s going to be Derby themed and the food (have I mentioned they’re our bestest foodie friends?) will likely be out of this world. (No pressure, guys. Although I reserve the right to return our gift if the food isn’t up to snuff.)


And look! More photographic evidence that I exist. (I’m in the middle — Danielle and Matt are on the right.) We visited them to celebrate a few weeks ago, and we can’t wait to celebrate again with them in May.

Another wedding we’re really looking forward to attending is Justin’s sister’s wedding in July in Astoria, Oregon. First off, we really love that part of the country, and second, we’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with Becca and Brad over the years — we visited them when they lived in Spain, and we took a great trip with them from California to Oregon.


This is going to be another fantastic time with more fantastic people. Since we have to skip out on reuniting with his family for the holidays this year (five weddings gets expensive, yo), this will be a much-needed chance to see our niece and nephew and the rest of the gang.

And finally?


Eight years ago I landed a job with a great company in Raleigh, North Carolina after enduring a 3-hour interview with a spider bite on my ass. The problem? I lived in Fayetteville, over an hour away. I spent about six months with that horrific commute before calling it quits and assuming that chapter of my life was over. But thanks to the help of social media, I did manage to stay in touch with my old boss, Jason, who always felt like more of a friend than a boss. Fast forward to the present day, and THE GUY JUST PROPOSED TO MY LITTLE SISTER. IN PRAGUE. ON HER BIRTHDAY.


Okay it wasn’t her birthday, but two out of three is pretty good. It was Kelly’s first trip to Europe, and it should probably just be her last, because I’m pretty sure this one will be tough to beat.

So. It turns my generation gets two wedding phases: The first wave were those who were crazy enough to jump the gun in our twenties while we were completely broke yet malleable in our ways and had no clue how to hold a relationship together long-term; and then the second wave is those in their thirties (or close) who are financially independent yet completely set in their ways and have no clue how to hold a relationship together long-term.

Sound about right?

Of course, I haven’t deluded myself into thinking that this next batch of weddings won’t be followed by another batch of babies. It tends to be the pattern of things. But it’s kind of a relief to realize it’s a pattern — that the chicken dances, electric slides, and worms of our youth aren’t gone forever.


Except maybe in Justin’s case. He tried the worm again this last weekend and it didn’t go quite as smoothly as it did six years ago.

Time to tighten up your game, Gard.

You have three weeks.


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Wedding season can be exhausting, especially when the pile up all at once! But how wonderful that you get to travel to some lovely places and spend time with friends and family! :) I hope you had fun in Kansas City, I see you got to spend some time on the Plaza! That’s a stone’s throw from my apartment, hope you enjoyed it! (PS Why in God’s name does the airport have to be out in BFE, am I right?) How funny that your old boss just proposed to your sister! That’s a small world, man. Sounds like you have some fun travels planned, looking forward to reading about them! Cheers!


Yes! The Plaza was pretty cool! Crazy, it didn’t even feel like we were in the U.S. Such a cool place to live! I’ll have to go back when I can actually afford to shop there. ;) Speaking of small worlds, I met one of the groom’s good friends from when the groom lived in L.A. Turns out the only reason they met was because I had introduced the groom to an old college roommate of mine when she moved to L.A. because they both needed a roommate, and she became interested in this other guy, and she introduced him to the groom, who happened to hit it off platonically better with this guy than she did romantically. Follow? That sounded cooler in my head, but suffice to say, it’s definitely a very small world!

Kat Richter

Haha, yeah, it’s so true. The babies and second surge of wedding phase… We had one last weekend and are currently trying to figure out how to go on our honeymoon AND be at another wedding the weekend after ours… Not sure how I’m going to make that one happen. You are right about those save the dates though: they are kick ass!


The couple whose wedding we attended last weekend had the same problem — they’re huge Halloween freaks and had wanted to go then, but considering they’re also attending the next wedding with us in Albany, they’re just attaching their honeymoon on at the end and flying to Florida after that. You definitely don’t have to go on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. In fact, Justin and I did it too quickly and felt seriously pressed for time. (Although we had to drive a couple of thousand miles home, pack, and then immediately drive 3 hours to the nearest airport, so that’s extreme. We slept in a rest stop parking lot.) Anyway, waiting a week to attend the other wedding and THEN leaving for your honeymoon might be ideal — you’ll be relaxed enough to truly enjoy it!

Colleen Brynn

Oh my god, I’m chuckling while I read this in class..!! hahaha brilliant.
You are WINNING when it comes to weddings and partnerships. So much positive! Kinda jealous.
Have an absolute blast and enjoy every minute. (Ireland will be waiting for you).


It’s like happiness explosions up in here! My sister’s talking about having a destination wedding. I tried to convince her to do Ireland (amiright?) but bridezilla that she is, she wants somewhere warm. Ugh. ;)

Katie LeFebvre

Thank you for posting pictures of Matt and Becca’s wedding. It looks like it was a fun time with the “old” gang :) Matt definitely is a “Dawson.” I loved that reference for those of us who actually watched the show. I hope you post pictures from Matt and Mallory’s wedding as well, since I will not be able to attend. I wish I was going, so that I could see you once again and catch up. However, I am getting married on Nov. 14 and scheduling just didn’t work out. I totally understand having lots of weddings in the “next” phase in our lives. I unfortunately didn’t have a lull in the wedding going. I feel like I have been a professional wedding goer for the last 12 years, since college. I go to at least two a year and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Well, I hope you are doing well. Keep up the blogging! I love reading about all your travels and life happenings. After I get married, I might be blogging for work, so I will probably be asking for some tips.


I didn’t realize your wedding was coming up too!! So exciting!! You didn’t have wedding phases because you have WAY more friends than we do. Ha! :) I can’t wait to see photos of your beautiful day, Katie!!


Hi Katie! Gollie! First congrats to all your friends and family who are either getting married or having a baby. Second: your sis is gorgeous! Third: YOU are gorgeous! You look so fab in that blue dress… dream is to go to a wedding in a dress like that….bellissima! (Insert HEAVY Italian accent for that word – because they say it sooooo much better than I do)…..seriously…you look great…you should include more photos of yourself more often!


Aw, thanks Diana! And my sister has ALWAYS been a knockout who looks great in pretty much any picture. I’m good with photos of my from the right distance/camera angle. (Ha, really though — I’m a normal looking woman and take plenty of bad photos! I just pick the ones where I look decent because it’s my blog.) ;) And don’t worry — I totally pictured the heavy accent. I LOVE that they really talk like that.

Andi Fisher

Love the peek into your life! I have managed to go to exactly TWO weddings (besides my 3) in my entire life! I am not big on them, also when you have a small group of friends and family spread out all over, it just isn’t as easy, although you have managed to make it look easy!


You have had more weddings than you’ve been a guest at? I find this fascinating. Like… I kind of love it! ;) (And it’s definitely not easy — but worth it for dear friends and family! I’m a horrible dancer so you’d think I hate weddings, but there’s just something about the intimacy of the ceremonies, the creativity of the receptions, and the general sense of gaiety that I really find addictive. Yay weddings!)


I laughed at your comment about wave 2 – going to baby showers.

Babies R Us terrifies me. If I don’t know what it is or what it’s used for, I won’t buy it. Now, if it’s cute and I can get it at Target, I’m down with that. Or I will get you a gift certificate for a pedicure or ice cream.


LOVE your pedicure/ice cream shower gift idea — moms need presents, too! :)


And if you know them as a couple, it totally fits their personalities. :)

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