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My Perfect Road Trip Bag and A Giveaway!

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m not really a joiner.

Like, I enjoy the company of humans and socializing with like-minded people (or open, un-like-minded people) over unprocessed nibblies and the warm buzz of alcohol, but when someone tries to add an element of organization to the gathering, I get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Read the rest of this gem…

Giveaway Reminder!

**If you’re having problems with the sign-up form, try clearing your cookies or history. I’d try fixing it, but I’m stuffed into a vehicle with four other people en route to eat all of the food in downtown Chicago. So sorry for the inconvenience!!**

Just a friendly little reminder that there are only a few days left to sign up for my giveaway.

Miss the info?

Here you go:

Read the rest of this gem…

Another Good Deed, Another Gold Bead.

“See? That’s the house I really wanted to see — just blocks from the river, a pot belly stove, and a spiral staircase!” I pointed to the house — the house I’d been admiring on Zillow during the months before our imminent move to Virginia.