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Tragedy Strikes

I don’t know what happened.

Broken Wine Glass

Actually I do, and I will probably tell you about it when the shock has worn off and the grieving process is well under way.

But for now, all I can ask is, “why?

Broken Wine Glass

My favorite wine glass.

Broken Wine Glass Trash

May you rest in pieces.

Tantric What?

1.  I love live music.  Love it.

Tantric - You've heard 'em on the radio (click photo for link)

Especially in a small venue, where you can literally feel the vibrations come up through the floor.  Where you can see the sweat dripping off the band members’ faces.  Where you’re partially deaf for at least the next 3 days.

This morning, for instance…

Me:  Can you turn on the news?  I want to hear the weather before I leave.

Hubs:  *nothing*

Me:  Babe?

Hubs:  *nothing*

Me:  BABE??!

Hubs:  What?

Me:  Can you please turn on the news?

Hubs:  Sure, just let me find the remote.

Me:  What?

I think I just got a preview of what we’ll be like in our 60’s.

2.  Camera phones are great, but I missed my Nikon.  For obvious quality reasons.

Sintonik (click photo for link)

(The above band – Sintonik – absolutely rocked, by the way.  I realize I look like the antithesis of their typical fan, but I can rock with the best of ’em.  And trust me, they are one of the best.)

3.  Electric violins have got to be the coolest. instruments. ever.

Tantric (click photo for link)

4.  Staying out until 1:30 is no fun when you have to get up at 6:00 for work.  What happened to the days when that was easy??

I will have another post sometime tonight.  Something you might actually care about.

But if you care about kick ass rockin’ music, this post is for you.