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Valenti-What? Happy Vacation Day, Everyone!

In T-minus four hours I will be en route to the airport where, with little fanfare, Justin will kiss me, drop me off at the front door, and drive back to work.

Actually first we’ll attempt to stop and have lunch at a place called Off the Hook – A Taco Emporium By the Invisible Chef because, you know, it only makes sense that my last meal in Fayetteville should be tacos before I head off to — wait for it — TEXAS.

Because it’s not like that state is known for its southwestern fare.

Of course, this will only happen assuming I can get my act together in a mere four hours, which would be surprising considering my hair is wet, my pants are in the dryer, and my camera battery is not even close to charged. Also, one of my dogs is sick, I have yet to pack, and I’m not sure I have enough clean underwear to last the whole trip but really, if these are my only problems, I consider myself fortunate.

Though I do wish Capone felt better.


If you’re new here, you may be wondering why I’m leaving town the day before Valentine’s day.

Perhaps this post, in which I tell the story of how Justin once bought me the complete box set of Carmen Electra’s Strip Aerobics to celebrate the holiday, will clarify how we feel about it.

Or rather — how we don’t feel about it.

Some of my favorite people in this world — Becs and Maria, who I met when I was in Costa Rica — invited me to Austin for a reunion because one lives there and the other was going for a yoga convention, and I didn’t even think about the dates when I saw round-trip tickets from my little town — not even the big city — drop to irresistibly low prices.

And honestly, Justin didn’t either.

We did, after all, take our romantic trip to Banner Elk and Asheville not too long ago, and we’ve got another trip or three in the works this year. You know — during times we actually want to go, and not when Hallmark tells us to go.

If Valentine’s day is your thing, hey. No judgement.

It’s just not mine.

I’m pretty sure I feel this way because I’m just not into hearts. It’s such a weird shape. All lumpy and butt-like.


If I had to choose a signature shape for a non-religious, commercially sponsored holiday, it would be a crescent. It seems like stars get all of the glory, and our moon, which is quite lovely in its own right, is probably all, Hey guys, what about me?

Crescent Moon

Vacation Day crescent. (source)

I suppose it could be argued that the moon gets Halloween, but that’s always the full moon, which is just a circle, and frankly that’s boring.

Plus Halloween is all witchy and scary and, in my recent memory, has only really provided me with one positive experience. The rest have been bad. So bad.

So the crescent needs some positive reinforcement. I’m officially naming it as the signature shape for Vacation Day, which just so happens to be any day you’re scheduled to start an adventure.

I’m pretty sure the religion of Islam has also claimed the crescent moon — along with a happy little star — as its symbol as well, so we’re turning the Vacation Day crescent on its side.


Like a big smile.

Happy Vacation Day, everyone!

P.S. Anyone know of someone with a cool house or apartment in Austin, Texas I could photograph for Even just a room! Email me!



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Reading this reminded me that I forgot to pack underwear. Thank you for that.


You owe me. ;)


Well, aside from your great Valentine observations, I read your post this morning and chuckled to my sleepy self that all-knowing-head-nodding-chuckle of a fellow last minute packer! I went to visit my 83 year old parents in south Florida a few weeks ago and arrived at their pastel and white carpeted, nonstop Matlock watchin’ home with an overstuffed (but really hip) hard cover red rolling suitcase full of 11 scarves, one pair of white pants, some great platform sandals, a bunch of books and art supplies, my makeup and and 3 pairs of underwear. This happens so frequently to me and has caused no end of justification to my perfect spouse, let alone trips to the closest store, that it got me to thinking about why I just don’t pack earlier? It’s not like I haven’t had my ticket for weeks. I realized its just asking waaaaay too much of me to shove everything I might possibly need or want into a zippered enclosed container who’s size was determined not by anyone that requires more scarves and shoes than vacation days. It’s actually a little traumatizing to me and I just wait until the last minute much like a GYN annual.
But your Valentine holiday observation was sure correct Katie, it has just lost it’s shiny luster over the years for this happy couple. Hope you enjoy a really fabulous reunion with your friends in Austin and thanks for always posting such fun and insightful words, I alwayslook forward to reading them.


“…pastel and white carpeted, nonstop Matlock watchin’ home…” <-- Best. Description. Ever. I think I procrastinate because I actually use most of the stuff that I pack on a regular basis anyway, so if it's packed I'll just have to unpack it again. That, and I'm just lazy when it comes to Packing. But hey - all you really need is scarves in South Florida, anyway! Haven't you been to South Beach? ;) Thank you so much for commenting, Julie!


..and you just know that pastel and white home in sunny, tropical Florida has lots of silk flowers, phones with cords and an answering machine and my personal favorite: electrical outlets in the bathrooms that Mom wallpapered right over and then POKED!! two little spots into for the nightlight. “I just don’t like those outlets, they look ugly”..


It sounds like Mecca! I’m on my way over. :)

Kat Richter

Amen! I HATE hearts. They do look like butts. And they’re so tacky and overdone. I’ve spent the past few weeks being extremely vocal about my dislike of hearts, lest TWD get any ideas for Valentines Day. Cresents are way cooler. If you ever decide to make tshirts or bumper stickers in order to take this thing global, I would totally wear one!-


Crazy story: When I finally — finally — landed in Austin, my next door plane seat friend looked out the window and noticed and pointed out a GORGEOUS orange crescent on its side — big as the grin on the Cheshire Cat. Incredible! And definitely a good sign. :)

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