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Have Your Kids And Travel Too.

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. (Because, along with the rest of my vast array of talent, I am also a reader of minds. It’s amazing.)

You’re thinking, Really? She’s doesn’t even HAVE kids. I’m so done with this. Someone go make me a sandwich. Read the rest of this gem…

This Broccoli’s Made For Wokin’.

“I wouldn’t mind picking up a wok while we’re here.”

I glanced at Mei, my dad’s wife, who happens to be Chinese and is also an amazing cook. I tried to gauge her reaction to my news, but her face was blank. The woman is intensely nice, but she’s got a poker face that would make Clint Eastwood squirm during a friendly backyard game.  Read the rest of this gem…

My Grandma Knew Style Before Style Was A Thing.

Some of you know that, as a freelancer, I occasionally photograph and write house tours for Apartment Therapy. My friend Jaime encouraged me to apply for the gig a couple of years ago, and my inner voyeur — the one who thinks dusk is the perfect time to walk the mutts because that’s when people turn their lights on but don’t close their drapes — leapt at the prospect of actually getting paid to look inside people’s houses.

Read the rest of this gem…