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Giveaway Reminder!

**If you’re having problems with the sign-up form, try clearing your cookies or history. I’d try fixing it, but I’m stuffed into a vehicle with four other people en route to eat all of the food in downtown Chicago. So sorry for the inconvenience!!**

Just a friendly little reminder that there are only a few days left to sign up for my giveaway.

Miss the info?

Here you go:

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Lots Of Company.

Destination: A deconstruction of Hunter S. Thompson’s letter to his friend.

I’m sitting here, wrapped in blankets with three computers at my sister’s desk in the Chicago ‘burbs and no way of knowing how to access her WiFi. Read the rest of this gem…

Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.

Destination: Rosemary Beach, Florida

You know, it just hit me — just last night, like a fist to the cheekbone — that I’m going to be seeing my brother, my sister, and my father over the course of a week starting Thursday, and that seeing all three of them in such close proximity of timing is a rarity rated up there with lightning strikes and Nessie sightings. Read the rest of this gem…

Another Good Deed, Another Gold Bead.

“See? That’s the house I really wanted to see — just blocks from the river, a pot belly stove, and a spiral staircase!” I pointed to the house — the house I’d been admiring on Zillow during the months before our imminent move to Virginia.