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Today’s Shopping List: Milk, Bananas, and an Oversized Steamer Trunk to Evoke the Feeling of Adventure.

So do you remember that time I took a design style quiz and it called me an alcoholic?

I mean, I was kind of able to get over it because a) it was kind of right and b) it basically said I should live with Johnny Depp and we could be winos together forever and I’m pretty sure he’d be okay with Justin living with us too because he’s bohemian like that.

Johnny’s bohemian.  Not Justin.

Johnny’s right arm says “Wino Forever.”  It used to read “Winona Forever,” but I’m willing to overlook that. (Source)

So even though the quiz redeemed itself, I pretty much avoided ever taking them again until a few days ago.

I discovered THIS HomeGoods Stylescope quiz over on, my favorite voyeurism I mean house peeping I mean home interior blog.  When I learned that all you have to do is pick 5 pictures that appeal to you and the quiz would instantly reveal your design style, I decided to go for it.  I mean, I’ve already been called a drunk by one of these things, so what’s the worst that could happen?

Apparently, my friends, the worst that could happen is that it could be absolutely and totally accurate.

I am “The Traveler.”

And also, apparently, a touch of “New Country.”

But I’m choosing to ignore that part and focus on the main one.  The Traveler.  The painfully accurate and seemingly unattainable design style that I can only achieve by — you know — traveling the world.

So I better get on that already.

The quiz even gives tips about how I can achieve the look:

Which is nice, but it basically all comes down the fact that I need to buy a plane ticket.  Also, I need to start actually buying stuff when I travel.

It’s kind of hilarious because HomeGoods tries to make suggestions of things I could buy from their store, which kind of seems counterintuitive when it comes to decorating for this particular design style.

I mean, do I want to look at the elephant figurine on my console table and think, “Oh, remember the time I bought that from the balsa wood carver in India whose hands were craggy and worn with his craft,” or, “Oh, remember the time I found that on the clearance shelf at Home Goods?”

Not that I would probably buy an elephant figurine anyway, since I’m not really into the whole let’s-use-tiny-animals-to-decorate-our-house phenomenon.  Unless, of course, I had some cool travel story like that Canadian girl who had her ear ripped off by an elephant and bought the figurine as a reminder.  Because I would totally need a figurine to remind me of that.

So.  This really is a terrible quiz result because I feel like it’s kind of mocking me.  Go!  It says.  Travel!

Only I feel like I can’t.

Because I kind of quit my job again.

Oh, would you look at the time!  I’m late for this job that I won’t be having for much longer.

I guess this is a story for another time.

In the meantime, go take the quiz.  Report back.  I’m curious to see whether the other results are as equally accurate and unattainable without spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets.