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Our Final House Tour: 6+ Years Of Love And Hate.

So here’s the deal. I’m pretty sure I have a bronchial infection but I’m not positive because I’ve never had a bronchial infection before but basically I haven’t stopped coughing for three weeks and this morning it feels like I swallowed a bus.


And the bus is sitting there, inside my chest, and it’s all like, You can’t MAKE me go to school today — I’m gonna stay right here. In fact, your heart makes for a pretty nice easy chair and your lungs a couple of feather pillows. Excuse me while I make myself comfortable.

And I haven’t had time to go to the doctor because it turns out getting a house ready to put on the market is hard, guys. It’s like… the more you accomplish, the more things you unearth that yet need to be done. So, for example, let’s take a look at an updated version of this list I shared with you a little over a week ago:


  • Fix/replace porch railing (DIY)
  • Fill in stagnant pond (DIY)
  • Remove front row of diseased bushes (DIY)
  • Pressure wash house (Hire Out – $275)
  • Re-face back deck (DIY & Hire Out – $375 labor + ~$500 materials)
  • Paint shutters (DIY)
  • Tear out rotted raised garden bed (DIY)
  • Finish organizing garage (DIY)
  • Repair rotted window frames (Hire Out – $90)
  • Weed & repair large circular bed in back yard (DIY)
  • Paint garage doors (DIY)
  • Weed & repair brick patio and walkway (DIY)
  • Paint trim around front door (DIY)
  • Replace doorbell (DIY)
  • Pressure wash driveway (DIY)
  • Seed bald spots in grass (DIY)
  • Add decorative plants to porch/mailbox planter (DIY)
  • Clean windows (DIY)


  • Clean and organize office (DIY)
  • Stain office shelves (DIY)
  • Finish updating master bathroom (DIY)
  • Touch up wall and trim paint throughout (DIY)
  • Repair kitchen ceiling drywall, re-paint ceiling, and install crown molding (Hire Out – $300)
  • Clean carpets (DIY)
  • Recessed lighting in living room (DIY)
  • Replace last brass light fixture (DIY)
  • Thoroughly clean light switches, doors, and knobs throughout (DIY)
  • Clean windows (DIY)
  • Mini gallery wall in kitchen (DIY)
  • Put a bunch of crap on Craigslist (DIY)

As you can see, the list has grown. The items I added are in green. And we’ve been trying our damnedest to keep up, but it’s like kneeling at the base of a beer bong and people just keep filling and filling and filling it up until suddenly you absolutely know you can’t swallow anything else and then there’s just beer everywhere.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

And, hence the bronchial infection. So instead of a whole bunch more words, how about we just deal in pictures, shall we? I’ve lost a lot of the mid-way pictures — the stuff that basically shows how we’d been living for a solid portion of the last six-and-a-half years when my hard drive crashed, so these are mostly the staunch before-and-afters — from the day we bought the place until yesterday. A little visual snack for you on how far we’ve come with this place over the years.

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.
(or, since that name’s taken: A Photographic Journey Of Our First Home – I’m Pretty Sure We’ve Cleaned All Of The Blood, Sweat, & Tears from the Premises.)

Exterior Closing Day — Complete with our Realtor’s car out front, this is how she looked when we moved in:


Exterior Today:

300CoachmanWay - 01 - censored

We painted the shutters because in the 6+ years since that photo was taken, they’d gotten pretty faded. What you might not notice is that we removed a 7-foot tall row of hedges out front that completely blocked the house, replaced the light fixtures, painted the garage doors, replaced and painted rotting porch railings, repaired the brick steps, and changed the door hardware.

But inside is where it starts to get really good.

Living Room Closing Day:


Living Room Today:

300CoachmanWay - 06
300CoachmanWay - 08
300CoachmanWay - 04 - censored

(That smudge on the door is actually the house numbers. I figure you can stalk me if you want, but I’m not going to make it that easy.)

We patched the built-in speaker holes, removed popcorn from the ceiling (we did this in every room), added laminate flooring, added recessed lighting in place of that weird 80’s track light, and replaced the ceiling fan. That worn leather sofa, by the way, was a $40 Craigslist score, which included delivery. BAM!

Dining Area Closing Day:


Who’s been here since the time of the fandelier??! (I totally coined that term, by the way.)

Dining Area Today:


Kitchen Closing Day:

Kitchen (before)
Kitchen (before)

Kitchen Today:

300CoachmanWay - 16
300CoachmanWay - 19

Yeah basically… we did everything. New floors, cabinets, counters, lighting, backsplash, pantry, fixtures… the works. I love my kitchen. It’s functional, organized, and laid out perfectly for the way we cook and entertain. I will miss this kitchen. I will miss it dearly.

300CoachmanWay - 21
300CoachmanWay - 22
300CoachmanWay - 17

Master Bedroom Closing Day:


Master Bedroom Today:

300CoachmanWay - 29
300CoachmanWay - 31

(UPDATE) Master Closet Closing Day:


Master Closet Today:


This would look so much more impressive with wooden hangers, but I just can’t stomach spending the money. You can see how I built this industrial chic closet organizer here!

Master Bathroom Closing Day:


Master Bathroom Today:

300CoachmanWay - 36

And Again:


And Again:


Office Closing Day:


Office Today:

300CoachmanWay - 41
300CoachmanWay - 42

Guest Bedroom Closing Day:


Guest Bedroom Today:

300CoachmanWay - 43

Hall Bath & Laundry Room Closing Day:


Hall Bath & Laundry Room Today:


Back Yard Closing Day:


Back Yard Today:

300CoachmanWay - 46
300CoachmanWay - 45


I still need to show you the garage and a few more details, but for the most part, this is it. In all her glory.

While we caved and hired out some projects here towards the end, this house has, quite literally, been our DIY triumph. It has made us bleed. It has made us sweat. And it has been the source of many — many — tears. We’ve tiled floors, which almost led to divorce. We’ve moved cabinets. We tore down the stickiest wallpaper in the history of ever and basically had a bathroom that looked like a crime scene for months. Truth be told, the hall bath and laundry room were the worst rooms to remodel in the history of ever. And yet… I’ll miss them, too.

This is the first house we bought, and while I don’t usually get sentimental about inanimate objects, I think this one might’ve gotten under my skin.

(No, literally — I probably still have slivers in my feet from the old deck.)

She’s our little white ranch, and I’ll be sad to see her go. To see us go.

But all I can do is hope she’ll find someone who will love her as much as we do.

And someone who will pay us accordingly.


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Susan Miller

Your house looks amazing! I am super impressed.


Thanks, Suze!! It’s been a LOT of work. And of course, just when I get it exactly how I want it, it’s time to leave. :)


You have such good taste. Can I tap your brain for great color scheme ideas?


Thank you!! Ha, all of our colors are pretty neutral! Gray, gray, and gray. With a hint of taupe for good measure. ;)


Exactly. In my unprofessional opinion, vibrant colours provoke unanticipated moods. Neutral colours let me create my own mood.


So well-said! I just updated the post to add the master closet – that’s one pop of vibrant color, but it’s well hidden. :)


Wow. You guys did a lot of work on that. Good on you. The idea makes me exhausted. But you really need to go to a doctor. If you’ve been sick for 3 weeks, that’s not a good thing.


I’m exhausted just thinking back on it. But in the end, it the result was worth it for us. :) Yeah… trying to get an appointment! (Do I sense a “mommy tone” coming from you?) ;)


If that’s what you need. Jeez.


Your house is so beautiful! I love all the things you have done. Wow. I do hope someone comes that loves it like you do – and lucky for them, they don’t have to do any fixing and can just enjoy the home!


Aw, thank you! We did leave *some* room for improvement – especially if the new owners enjoy landscaping a large back yard. :)


I see how hard it will be to leave all your hard work — the next project awaits! And what about your closet? THAT needs to be on your list:) Hope you feel better soon!!!!


I’m going to miss this house soooo much. :( I did update the post with the closet! You’re so right – I can’t believe I left that out!!

Colleen Brynn

You did an exceptional job on this home! I’m so impressed, and inspired! I hope I can pull something like this off one day!


Why thank you! It only took us six years. ;) (I think the next one might need a little less work for the sanctity of our marriage.)


looks awesome great work!


Thanks, Eugene! :)


Eeeeek it’s so gorgeous, don’t sell haha!!! If your house was in Charlotte we’d buy it in a heartbeat.


Thank you!! I wish I could just take it with ME! We’re not going that far… :)


You know, I might just have to do that… IF we have any money left by the end of this. :) (If you have any FSBO tips, let me have ’em!)


So sorry our orders for your area fell through or I’d make an offer in a minute! I recognize a lot of items on your list, but we’ve been here 16 years so decluttering is taking longer than I’d anticipated – where does it all come from!? I swear there are little clutter babies born in drawers and the backs of closets each week. Best of luck to you!


Awww dang! Your orders fell through?? I would be devastated if that happened to us at this point — UNLESS they decided to send us overseas instead. ;) Haha, “clutter babies” — I love it!


Wow, it looks so good Katie! It must be hard to put all of that work into something and then move again. Although, hopefully it pays off monetarily.


Thank you, Stef! It’s come a long way since you last saw it. We made many of the changes – especially the kitchen – knowing we weren’t going to get all of our money back. But we paid for everything up front and have been able to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. And for us, that was worth it! :)


I would miss that kitchen, too!



Britany Robinson

That fandelier was SEXY.

Also, that to-do list gives me shivers. My parents just moved houses, conveniently when I was home for three weeks in between trips — and it was not fun. Good luck with the rest of that to do list and feel better! You can do it!! :)


Haha just one step at a time. And I’m thinking I should’ve kept that fandelier and hung it in the garage or something. You know – for posterity. ;)


So AWESOME!!!! Good work my friend.


Thank you!! Wanna buy it? ;)

Melinda @ love melinda

First time visitor from Hooked on Houses. What a great house! I love gray! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I didn’t think I was going to get featured there – so exciting! :)


I love the gray!!! Trying to pick my own gray colors now, but there are so many!!! Can you share the one you used?


Thank you!! The half bath is Sherwin Williams Argos (7065). It actually has some really blue undertones – I would say it’s very blue on the walls, especially in low light, so definitely get a sample!


P.S. Going a shade or two darker than what I used on my master bathroom walls, Valspar’s Filtered Shade (4003-1B), might be more of a “true” gray that you’re looking for than Argos. But I do love the blue-gray! It’s very calming.


Please do tell us what the gray colors are!!!


The half bath is Sherwin Williams Argos (7065). Like I said to Danielle above, it’s fairly blue in person so definitely try a sample! The master bedroom walls are Valspar Rugged Suede (4003-2B) and I LOVE it. It is a big room with lots of natural light, so it handles the color beautifully. The master bedroom ceiling and the walls of the master bath are the same color, Valspar’s Filtered Shade (4003-1B). It’s just a very nice, light gray. the office is Glidden Fossil Gray (30YY 56/060), which is very understated. And while it’s definitely not gray, the guest bedroom is Sherwin Williams Taupe Tone (7633), which I’m sharing because I just love the color. :)


How in the world did you pick these grays??? There are sooooooo many to choose from and all have either green or blue or silver undertones. So hard to choose the right one! BTW, thanks so much for your help!!!


Haha, I think I finally just got tired of my plain white walls and just DID it. I actually picked the “wrong” charcoal when I first bought two gallons for my master bedroom. The little paint cards looked fine, but I put some on the wall when I got home and it was too purply. Fortunately, there was enough room in the can for them to re-tint it to Rugged Suede. The one in my office, Fossil Gray, seems pretty straight-up gray to me, but it could look different in different houses depending on the light, floor color, etc. It can definitely get overwhelming!

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I don’t see where anyone has posted in years but I have to ask…because I think I may have done it the hard way…what did you use to paint your bathroom cabinet????

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