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Yesterday was one of those rainy, icky days during which my motivation level seems to directly correlate with the amount of the sun’s rays that reach the surface of the earth in my locale — which, incidentally, was approximately zero.

Zero percent. Read the rest of this gem…

Foodie Tour Of Chicago’s Chinatown And Probably Why My Pants Don’t Fit.


*This post is long. But read to the end — there’s a little sumpin’ sumpin’ in it for you.

I realize I haven’t finished working my way through the highlights of our west coast trip yet, but I don’t know — it’s starting to feel like I’ve invited you to a cocktail party where you thought we might all get plastered and start playing truth or dare at the very worst, but instead I forced you to sit on the sofa and watch slide shows of family vacations. Read the rest of this gem…