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My Perfect Road Trip Bag and A Giveaway!

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m not really a joiner.

Like, I enjoy the company of humans and socializing with like-minded people (or open, un-like-minded people) over unprocessed nibblies and the warm buzz of alcohol, but when someone tries to add an element of organization to the gathering, I get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Read the rest of this gem…

When You Give A House A Mirror: A Quick Update.

It all started with a mirror.

A $30 thrift store mirror, in fact, which I haggled down to $25. It was very large with a clean beveled edge and a gorgeous burled wood frame reminiscent of the 1950s, the era in which this house was built, and while I’m not typically a mid-century modern kind of gal, I lugged the thing to the back of my Tracker because, hey. A steal’s a steal. Read the rest of this gem…

Home Away From Home: My Little Florence Apartment.

The plaster of the walls was cracked, and the stairs, though cement, felt ancient beneath my boots. I’d managed to find the switch for the stairwell’s light and crept hastily past the door at the bottom, which was now slightly ajar to reveal the nighttime blackness of the building’s crumbling bowels. Had that been open when I left? Read the rest of this gem…

I’m Bringin’ Casual Khaki Pants Back.

“No one likes you, and you’re going to die here.”

The whisper came at my back, hard and fast, while I was sifting through assorted boxes of chips in the closet-sized storeroom. I whirled around to see Lloyd,* resident oddball and prep room aficionado, silhouetted in the doorway. Read the rest of this gem…

A Lust Letter To Siena.

Carissima Siena,

Should I call you dearest, do you think, when our time together was so tumultuous and brief?

Like a couple of teenagers, we were — you exasperated at my poor skills of communication, and me laughing at your sometimes brazen sense of style. Read the rest of this gem…